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Local lawyer needed! The good news is that through laws and initiatives the Panamanian people have decided to protect large forest areas and ecosystems. The bad news is that the law is of no use unless we make sure it is followed. The beautiful forest ecosystem around Jaguar Falls and Parque Chagres will be protected forever, if we follow the very good laws and management plans that Panamanian legislators and authorities have passed in cooperation with local and international NGOs, experts and the United Nations. Right now, though, illegal clear cutting of forested areas is taking place near Jaguar Falls. We have been able to slow and then stop this all together during the last 18 years we have been active here. Last week we got news that 40 hectares up streams are being cleared, probably with the aim to move in cattle. We are trying to contact the owner to explain that this is not legal and does not make economic sense. Even though they manage to clear the forest away, they will not be allowed (in the long run) to use the area for cattle farming. Informal persuasion is often the most effective way to achieve change. What lawyers do we know in the Pacora and Mamoni Valleys that could help find the landowner and start a conversation?

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Good luck in hiring!